Do you like spicy food?

Hello Everyone!

Do you guys like spicy food? Today I would like to introduce one of Korean spicy food.

Do you think why Korean like spicy?

we believe that the spicy food is good for stress relief.

who need so hot food????

teokbokki (also known as teokbokki, ddeokbokki, topokki, and dukboki) is a popular Korean snack food made from soft rice cake, fish cake and sweetred chili sauce; gochujang. It is commonly purchased from street vendors.

There are many ways to make this Ddeokbokki, however today’s recipe is the most basic way of cooking it with minimalistic ingredients. I hope you like it!

This is video of British’s react after eating tteokbokki. Look at the his face. it’s so funny!!

If you are afraid of  too spicy food, let’s try this tteokbokki. It’s called gungjung tteokbokki.

Do you guys want to try? I hope you guys have great cooking time.


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