Let’s cook for dinner


Finally! I’m so happy to introduce Bulgogi  today.

I think everybody love it even who is not Korean.

Because Bulgogi is not

In case you don’t know what Bulgogi is:-

Bulgogi  Korean style barbecued beef. It is one of the most well-known Korean traditional foods, originating from the Goguryeo era. The cooking method of Bulgogi evolved over time and varies by region. Typically it is prepared with the most tender parts of the beef such as sirloin  and tenderloin.

While it is primarily marinated with soy sauce, sugar and Korean pear juice in most occasions, in rare places, it is only seasoned with salt to bring out the taste the natural meat flavour. It can be cooked with vegetables over the stove (in a wok) or it can be cooked on a char-grill on its own. They will give slightly different flavours as you can imagine.

Bulgogi cooked with vegetable over the stove will naturally build some juice in a wok, which you can use to mix with a bowl of steamed rice. Char-grilled Bulgogi won’t build any juice as it will drip into the char-grill plate but the extra flavour of slightly burnt charcoal, juice and the fat gives an irresistibly pleasant Korean BBQ experience.

This page will let you know recipe of other Korea food as well as Bulgogi. click on here.

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to share what you thought of it after trying it out. Also if you have your own version of a Bulgogi recipe, please share with us in the comment section. Happy cooking!



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